About Us

Bins on the Run is a garbage bin rental company. Airdrie, Calgary, Carstairs and the surrounding area. We are locally owned and operated to ensure a high standard of service for you our valued client. We strive to excel in all aspects of garbage bin rentals.

Bins on Run provides timely drop off and pick up services for its roll off bins. Bins are picked off when ready for recycling or disposal and taken to the appropriate facility based on the contents of the bin. The team at Bins On The Run strives to dump and return each bin on the same day as contacted, but when this is not possible we can ensure the bin will be dumped and returned within 24 hours.

Our 13 yard lidded and lockable bins are the perfect fit to recycle material on site. Each recyclable material requires its own bin-for example when recycling drywall only drywall can be in the bin, no other waste. With our lockable lids, this ensures no unwanted materials can be placed in the bin, and guarantees only single source items will be placed in these bins, thus eliminating contaminated items. For more information, contact us.